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Ms. Bequette has been teaching in Omaha since 2001 and at Benson West since 2015. With a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Arts and a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education K-12, she serves all grades within our school. Ms. Bequette also teaches in the community, and exhibits her personal art in local galleries.

The theme in the art room is "Art connects us to ourselves, to each other, and to the world."


Here are the focus themes for each grade level:

Kindergarten: Who is an Artist? We learn about artists and artist's tools.

1st Grade: Artists tell stories. We learn how artists tell a stories using visual language.

2nd Grade: Artists explore materials and cultures.

3rd Grade: Artists as citizens. We discover our place with ourselves and in our world.

4th Grade: Artists use a visual language. We focus on drawing techniques and how to draw more realistically. Then we look at how to develop symbols in art.

5th Grade: Artists interpret social and historic influences. Looking at American Art, we relate it to our personal world and social context.