Rain Garden Description

2015 - 6th graders from Mrs. Lassley’s class recently collaborated with UNO students, OPS Career Center construction students, and members of the community to design and create a rain garden at Benson West. This is a great opportunity because rain gardens reduce rain run off by allowing storm water to soak into the ground. Other benefits include reduced erosion, less water pollution, and less flooding. Rain gardens also provide animal habitats, beauty, and a hands-on learning experience for students and the public. We will also be adding a special memorial marker to a tree that was planted there in 2008 to remember one of Benson West’s 4th graders, Garrett Schomer, who tragically passed away after a neighborhood accident. We hope the rain garden will become a pleasant addition to his memorial. Please stop by and enjoy a few relaxing moments! 

Click on the pictures to explore different plants in the rain 

garden written by Mrs. Lassley's class - 6th Grade.


Bee Balm                 Big Blue Stem        Big Ears Lamb's Ear

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Blue Grama             Broom Sedge          Butterfly Milkweed


Coneflower              Dwarf False Indigo   Daylily



Feather Reedgrass  Gayfeather             Goldenrod



Gray's Sedge          Joe-pye Weed      Lead Plant



Little Blue Stem     Prairie Dropseed   Purple Haze 

                                                             Butterfly Bush



Redstem Dogwood   Sideoats Grama     Silver Brocade 





SugarShack            Summer Wine             Swamp Silkweed

 Buttonbush                Ninebark       



     Switchgrass        Tatarian Maple        Wood's Aster




Rain Garden Project

Rain Garden 13
Rain Garden 2
Rain Garden 3
Rain Garden 4
Rain Garden 5
Rain Garden 6
Rain Garden 7
Rain Garden 8
Rain Garden 9
Rain Garden 10
Rain Garden 11
Rain Garden 12
Rain Garden 13

Rain Garden Video Footage