Benson West Elementary K-5

6652 Maple Street, Omaha, NE 68104

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We are back to 5-days a week instruction. Please visit the district website for details.


Benson West Elementary School is located at 6652 Maple Street heart of the historic Benson neighborhood in Omaha. Almost 500 students are served in kindergarten through fifth grade. One of our greatest strengths is our diverse population. Our students represent many different cultures and there are 13 different languages spoken. 

Staff members and parents collaborate to prepare all Benson West students for success in school and beyond. Our amazing teachers are dedicated to delivering a rigorous curriculum that ensures each student reaches his or her potential. 

Our strong PTA supports our students and staff in a variety of ways. They provide field trip opportunities for every grade level, host family nights and consistently find ways to show our staff members how much they are appreciated.

Please browse our website for any information you might need and give our office a call if you have any questions.

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Benson West Information

School Times
Breakfast Line (starts with classroom teacher): 8:35 am
Student Lunch Hours: 11:30 am - 1:10 pm
School Hours: 8:50 am - 4:05 pm
Office Hours: 8:25 am - 4:15 pm
Teacher Hours: 8:25 am - 4:15 pm

The mission of Benson West is to provide educational opportunities which enable all students to achieve their fullest potential.

Vision: Benson West will be a learning environment where staff, students, and parents collaborate to foster high student achievement, a lifelong appreciation of learning and respect for others in an atmosphere where diversity is valued.

School Improvement Criteria:
Coaching Look Fors:

Language Arts:
🐾 By 2021, will increase Proficiency in ELA by 8% as measured on NSCAS Assessment. 🐾On-track 32.3%40.3%
🐾 Based on MAP last year, we were at 42.9%

Think aloud from teacher and students
Note making and graphic organizers
Quick writes – exit ticket, some type of writing Non-linguistic representation – different ways to show thinking
Conferring – teacher to student (monitor progress) Sharing – students sharing their thoughts or work

Section 4 and 11, Best Instructional Practices Handbook

🐾 By 2021, will increase the number of students On-Track by 8% as measured on NSCAS Assessment.
🐾 On-track 36.8%44.8%
🐾 Based on MAP last year, we were at 41%

Literacy and language rich mathematics classroom Multiple representations
Cumulative review – spiraling skills for retention Number sense/fluency

Check for understanding
Formative assessments to drive reteach
Summative assessments (for students’ achievement)

Section 5, Best Instructional Practices Handbook

English Learners:
🐾 By 2021, increase the percentage of EL students who are On-Track to Proficient by 2% as measured on the ELPA21 Assessment. 🐾 Proficiency level 24%26%
🐾 ELP21 last year, we were at 26%

Sentence stems and sentence frames
Lesson delivery – content learning goals, student’s engagement, pacing of the lesson
Frequent opportunity for student interactions Building background knowledge
Use visuals for understanding

Section 13, Best Instructional Practices Handbook

🐾 By 2021, decrease the percentage of students who are chronically absent by 2% as measured by daily attendance.
🐾 Chronic absenteeism 50.65%48.65%
🐾 Based on attendance data, reduced by 2%

On time
Not picked up early
Classroom environment that makes students want to attend school
After 3 absences – call to find out why and express concern
Encourage attendance – illness and emergency Engagement techniques – response cards, turn and talk, cooperative learning, review games (Jeopardy/Pyramid)

Section 3, Best Instructional Practices Handbook

🐾 By 2021, decrease the number of behavior incident by 25% by implementing MTSS-B Tier 2 practices and systems with fidelity based on Tiered Fidelity Inventory and the Self-Assessment Survey Data.
🐾 Student behaviors reduce by 25%
🐾 Based on behavior incidents we reduced by 40% (87 incidents53 incidents)

Staff Meeting Dates:
-Dates could change when the priority calendar is presented-
Grade Level Meeting Dates: -Dates could change when the priority calendar is presented-
1-on-1 Meetings (optional)

August 24th Adult Sex. Mis./Comm. Mtgs.
Sept. 14th Zones of Regulation/Review POP Sept. 28th MTSS-B Check- in/Fostering..

Oct. 5th EL Lang. Frames/Acad. Convo
Oct. 19th Fostering.../MTSS- B/Zones of Reg

Nov. 2nd Attendance Update Nov. 16th Math Focus/Zones of Reg.
Dec. 7th Vertical Teaming

Jan. 11th Comm. Mtgs./Rigor & Engagement
Jan. 25th Math Focus/Zones of Reg.

Feb. 8th Testing Regulations
Feb. 22nd Self-Care in Stressful Times
March 15
th MTSS-B/Fostering... March 29th EL Strategies
April 5th Vertical Teaming
April 19th Finishing Strong/Rigor & Engagement
May 3rd Year to Date PD Reflection

May 17th Data Review/Next Steps

District GLM:

Sept. 3 Sept. 17 Oct. 1 Oct. 15 Nov. 5 Nov. 19 Dec. 3 Dec. 17 Jan. 7 Jan. 21 Feb. 4 Feb. 18 Mar. 4 Mar. 18 April 1 April 15 May 6 May 20

CSI GLM (extra pay):

Sept. 10 Sept. 24 Oct. 8 Oct. 22 Nov. 12 Dec. 10 Jan. 14 Jan. 28 Feb. 11 Feb. 25 Mar. 25 April 8 April 22 May 13

Getting to Know you Better:

Aug. 27 or 28 Sept. 24 or 25 Oct. 29 or 30 Nov. 19 or 20 Dec. 17 or 18 Jan. 28 or 29 Feb. 18 or 19 Mar. 25 or 26 April 29 or 30 May 20 or 21

These meetings are optional. They are to check-in and see how you are doing. You will have about 20 minutes for 2 teachers on day one and 2 teachers on day two. This is your agenda and based on your personal needs.

District Professional Development/Curriculum Days: -Dates could change when the priority calendar is presented-

Curr. Days – August 13 or 14
Curr. Day – September 18

Prof. Dev. Day – Nov. 3

Prof. Dev. Day (.5) – Jan. 4

Prof. Dev. Day – April 2

Prof. Dev. Day – May 27- 28