Safe, Secure and Disciplined Schools Initiative

Benson West is participating in the Superintendent's "Safe, Secure and Disciplined Schools" initiative. Benson West staff is actively involved in ongoing professional development in order to fully implement the philosophy and strategies outlined in the initiative. Briefly, the Safe Secure and Disciplined Schools initiative
is built upon the philosophy that, "Discipline is an ongoing teaching process that fosters respect and dignity for all individuals. It is proactive, developmentally appropriate and culturally and gender sensitive."
The basic premises of this initiative are that student discipline is best achieved through instruction rather than punishment and that student behavior can be taught using the same strategies used to teach academics. At Benson West students are regularly taught the social and behavioral skills necessary to be successful at school. We have three primary expectations:

Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible

Students are taught (and re-taught, if necessary) the behaviors that are necessary in order to be safe, respectful and responsible in all areas of our school. Students are provided with incentives for appropriate behavior and the school regularly "celebrates" those students who meet the three expectations of Benson West.
In addition, the Benson West staff believes that parent involvement in our school has a positive effect on student achievement, attitude toward school and classroom behavior. We welcome and encourage our parents to come to school often and become partners in planning and implementing the programs at Benson West. Parents are crucial to the success of Benson West and its students.
Benson West is dedicated to the Superintendent's initiative to, "provide a climate for students that promotes not only academic success, but also social, emotional and behavioral success in a safe, secure, and disciplined school.