Mentor Program

Benson West students benefit from a mentor program which was started in 199. The program is designed as a support system to give personal assistance to students at Benson West Elementary School. Mentors are paired with students, becoming Bulldog Buddies.

The main role of the mentor is to help build self-esteem and to provide friendship for their Bulldog Buddy. Mentors also spend time listening and sharing with their special friends. Boxes of materials containing games, books, worksheets, puzzles, etc. are available to the mentor for use during his or her visit.
These items are grouped by grade level for easy selection. We also provide a selection of rewards such as stickers, pencils, and certificates for the mentor to award at any time. At times, mentors offer academic tutoring upon the request of the classroom teacher.

Special activities scheduled for mentors and their buddies are organized by the Mentor Committee. In past years we have arranged a fall picnic at Fontenelle Forest or Chalco Hills Recreation Area and a spring picnic at the Henry Doorly Zoo. A complimentary pizza and pop luncheon, following the Holiday Program in December is a favorite event. A monthly calendar of events is also provided.

How Can You Become a Mentor?

1.Complete an application.
2.Attend an orientation session.
3.Meet one-half hour per week with your Bulldog at school.
4.Attend school activities when possible.

If you would like more information on the Benson West Elementary Mentor Program, call the Mentor Coordinator at Benson West Elementary,