01 Examine problems using scientific inquiry.

• Collect information by observing sorted sets of materials

• Collect information by observing living things as they grow.

• Collect information by observing a weather graph.


02 Integrate unifying concepts and processes in science experiences.

• Use one or more of the five senses to sort common materials

• Describe and record how illustrations can represent change in living things.

• Describe and record how a model can represent the weather.


03 Observe, describe, and sort common materials.

• Objects can be sorted by various attributes.

• Household tools can be sorted by design and use.

• Many things in our world can be recycled.


04 Investigate and describe how living things change as they grow.

• Living things change as they grow.

• Living and non-living things are different.

• Living creatures must satisfy basic needs in order to grow and be healthy.


05 Observe and describe daily and seasonal weather changes.

• Each season has different weather characteristics.

Winter Summer

Spring Fall

• Day and night have unique characteristics.

Stars Sun


• The sun gives us heat and light.