01 Communicate the meaning of numbers 1-20.

• Demonstrate one-to-one correspondence.

• Recognize numerals 1-20.

02 Demonstrate the concept of addition and subtraction.

• Demonstrate one-to-one correspondence.

• Recognize that addition is combining sets.

• Recognize that subtraction is separating sets.

03 Estimate numerical solutions.

• Demonstrate number sense.

• Understand estimation is not an exact answer.

04 Apply concepts of measurement.

• Match types of measurement with types of machine.

• Apply nonstandard measurement.

05 Identify, describe, and create geometric shapes.

• Match shapes to names.

• Match shapes to descriptions.

• Recognize sides and corners.

• Reproduce geometric shapes.

06 Demonstrate knowledge of math related vocabulary to analyze data for graphing.

• Select the vocabulary related to graphing (shortest, longest, tallest, smallest, same).

• Create a graph.

• Compare items on graphs.

07 Describe, create, and extend patterns.

• Choose a pattern that demonstrates a repeated sequence or design.

• Create the next object in a pattern.

08 Sort and classify objects according to one or more attributes.

• Group things together that are alike in some way.

• Demonstrate the use of reasoning in explaining the method used for sorting.

• Identify an isolated attribute when sorting and classifying.