01 Examine problems using scientific inquiry.

• Communicate scientific procedures and explanations.

• Use appropriate tools and techniques to gather, analyze, and interpret data.


02 Integrate unifying concepts and processes in science experiences.

• Understand how form and function apply to technology.

• Understand how order and organization of a system are impacted by change.

• Use measurement to determine change or constancy.


03 Investigate and describe properties of light and sound.

• Describe how light travels.

• Describe how sound travels.

• Infer how light and sound impact humans and other organisms.


04 Investigate relationships among populations, resources, and hazards (both human and natural) within ecosystems.

• Explain how the flow of matter affects populations.

• Predict how ecosystems are changed by natural and human-made factors.


05 Explore the processes and effects of weather and the water cycle on the earth.

• Explain how energy from the sun drives the water cycle.

• Examine how water and weather are affected by human interaction.

• Predict how properties of weather affect humans.