01 Examine problems using scientific inquiry.

• Plan and conduct a simple investigation to answer a question students ask about their surroundings.


02 Integrate unifying concepts and processes in science experiences.

• Identify relationships in a system.

• Use models to understand concepts.

• Apply the understanding of form to function.


03 Observe and investigate properties of electricity.

• Demonstrate how some materials transfer electricity to produce heat and light.

• Identify those materials that transfer electricity.

• Select magnetic forces that attract and/or repel other objects.


04 Investigate and describe the relationship between living things and the environment.

• Describe how living things are dependent upon their environment.

• Recognize clues of ancient environments through fossils.


05 Observe and identify characteristics of earth materials.

• Identify properties of Earth's rocks and minerals.

• Identify techniques of being environmentally responsible and aware of good conservation techniques.