01 Examine problems using scientific inquiry.

• Use data to support explanations.

• Recognize tools used in Science.


02 Integrate unifying concepts and processes in science experiences.

• Use a variety of ways, such as sketches, charts, and graphs, to communicate procedures or ideas.

• Understand how measurement is used in science.

• Understand form relates to function.


03 Investigate and describe physical changes of objects and materials.

• Physical properties of matter can be measured.

  • Mass
  • Weight
  • Volume

• Identify tools used to measure matter.

• Predict how temperature changes states of matter, (solid, liquid, gas)


04 Investigate and compare plants and animals based on their characteristics.

• Compare and contrast plants and animals:

  • Animals to animals
  • Plants parts
  • Animals to plants

• Explain how plants and animals change as they grow.

• Identify special characteristics that help living things survive and reproduce.


05 Observe and measure changes in weather.

• Predict how weather affects our lives.

• Weather affects our daily lives.

  • Normal weather variations
  • Severe weather conditions

• Identify tools used to measure weather