01 Orally segment and blend words.

• Listen to individual sounds and blend them into a word.

• Listen to a word and segment into individual sounds.


02 Use letter sound relationships and common word patterns to recognize words.

• Demonstrate the ability to decode words using the initial, final, and medial consonants.

• Demonstrate the ability to decode words using short and long vowel sounds.

• Demonstrate the ability to decode words using initial consonant clusters and consonant digraphs.


03 Read grade-level materials fluently.


04 Read high frequency words.

• Demonstrate the ability to recognize high frequency words.


05 Use a variety of strategies to develop vocabulary.

• Demonstrate the ability to recognize word families to decode words.


06 Read and comprehend fiction and nonfiction texts to demonstrate understanding.

• Demonstrate the ability to retell a story using the main idea and details in sequential order.

• Demonstrate the ability to predict what will happen next.

• Demonstrate the ability to recognize reality and fantasy.


07 Summarize a story using literary elements.

• Demonstrate the ability to recognize the character(s), setting, problem, and solution of a story.


08 Self-select and independently read fiction and nonfiction materials.

• Select books at an appropriate level using “Rule of Thumb”.


09 Write the key elements of a story.

• Demonstrate the ability to write the beginning, middle, and end of a story.


10 Use the writing process (pre-write, write, revise/edit, rewrite, publish) to communicate.


11 Write legibly using standard manuscript letter formations.

• Write using correct letter formations for upper and lower case letters.

• Write using appropriate spacing between letters and words.

12 Speak in clear, complete, coherent sentences using standard English.

• Use standard English and complete sentences to relate personal experiences.

• Speak clearly using appropriate volume, rate, and expression.


13 Gain information and complete tasks through listening.

• Listen and recall specific details.

• Use information gained through listening to complete tasks.


14 Explore likenesses and differences of various cultures and customs.

• Recognize contributions of various cultures.

• Recognize similarities and differences among various cultures.

• Demonstrate respect for various cultures.