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Active Routes to Benson West




      Benson West Elementary School is located at 6652 Maple Street in Omaha. Over 600 students are served in kindergarten through sixth grade. Students, staff, and parents work well together to provide an educationally enriching environment at Benson West. During the school year, families enjoy gathering at school for many activities such as the Math Rodeo, Reading Fair, Science Fair, and Family Fun Night. Several musical programs are performed throughout the year to showcase talented Benson West students. After school enrichment programs such as beginning foreign language, keyboarding, and science offer students an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom. A unique mentoring program involving adults from throughout the community is also available to give one-on-one academic assistance to selected students. Benson West is dedicated to helping each child develop the academic and social skills necessary to be all he or she can be.

School Improvement Plan

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
School Improvement Plan  11/9/2015150.91 KBDownload

Wenninghoff's Pumpkin Patch 2015

Click the pumpkin to view  pictures of Wenninghoff's Pumpkin Patch 2015!



Rain Garden Project

Click the picture link to learn how 6th Grade  students in 

Mrs. Lassley's class helped to build a rain garden



Contact Benson West

Benson West Elementary
6652 Maple Street 
Omaha, NE 68104-3995 
Phone: 554-8633
Fax: 554-8616

Outlook 365


  • Aug. 28th -----  Fundraiser Kickoff
  • Sept. 3rd ------ Open House
  • Sept. 7th ------  Labor Day ( No School
  • Sept. 10th -----  PTA Meeting
  • Sept. 18th -----  Curriculum Day (No School)
  • Sept. 21st ------ Team Day (No School)
  • Sept. 22nd ----- All Grades School Picture Day
  • Oct.  1st   -------  PTA Meeting
  • Oct. 21st -------  1st Quarter Pound Party
  • Oct. 21st  -------  1st Quarter Ends
  • Oct. 22nd ------ Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Oct. 23rd ------  Parent Teacher Conferences (Half Day)
  • Oct. 26th ------   2nd Quarter Begins
  • Oct. 30th ------   K - 1 Halloween Parade
  • Oct. 30th ------   Halloween Parties
  • Nov. 5th -------  PTA Meeting
  • Nov. 25th -----   Teacher Work Day (No School)
  • Nov. 26th -----  Thanksgiving Holiday  ( No School)
  • Nov. 27th -----  Thanksgiving Holiday  ( No School)
  • Dec. 3rd   -----  PTA Meeting
  • Dec. 11th  -----   Winter Program  
  • Dec. 18th -----   2nd Quarter Pound Party
  • Dec. 18th -----   2nd Quarter Ends
  • Winter Recess   Dec 21st - Jan 4th 
  • Jan 5th  -------   3rd Quarter Begins
  • Jan 18th  ------  Martin Luther King Day (No School)
  • Feb 12th ------   Early Dismissal  
  • Feb 15th ------  Presidents Day (No School 
  • Feb 25th  -----  Parent Teacher Conferences (No School)
  • Feb 26th -----   (No School)
  • Mar 3rd ------   PTA Meeting
  • Spring Break     Mar 7th  - Mar 11th
  • Mar 18th ----   3rd Quarter Ends
  • Mar 21st -----   4th Quarter Begins
  • April 7th -----   PTA Meeting
  • April 22nd ----   No School
  • May 5th  ------   PTA Meeting
  • May 20th -----  Last day of School


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