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      Benson West Elementary School is located at 6652 Maple Street in Omaha. Over 600 students are served in kindergarten through sixth grade. Students, staff, and parents work well together to provide an educationally enriching environment at Benson West. During the school year, families enjoy gathering at school for many activities such as the Math Rodeo, Reading Fair, Science Fair, and Family Fun Night. Several musical programs are performed throughout the year to showcase talented Benson West students. After school enrichment programs such as beginning foreign language, keyboarding, and science offer students an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom. A unique mentoring program involving adults from throughout the community is also available to give one-on-one academic assistance to selected students. Benson West is dedicated to helping each child develop the academic and social skills necessary to be all he or she can be.

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Benson West Dismissal Procedures

Benson West Dismissal Procedures

            We would like to take a minute to remind those parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends who pick up students after school to review the dismissal procedures listed below.  Please remember that these procedures help to ensure the safe release of all Benson West students.

            We are pleading to all those entrusted to pick up students to adhere to the dismissal procedures.  Our children need everyone’s help, support, and patience to make dismissal as safe as it can be.

            Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


             Benson West Staff

 -Parents, siblings, grandparents, or friends that are picking up students at dismissal are to enter the upper driveway leading to the school’s main entrance.  Upon entering the drive, please remain in the right-hand lane until your child/children have been safely loaded.  A staff member will be posted at the top of the upper drive and might signal for cars to pass as space becomes available towards the bottom of the drive.

-When available, use the left-hand lane to safely exit the upper drive.  A staff member will always be posted at the exit of the upper drive.  Please be patient and wait for the staff member’s signal to exit.

-In order to avoid unnecessary delays, please limit conversations with staff members at this time.

-Please remain in your vehicle at all times.  When necessary, staff members will help to load our students into vehicles.

-In the event of extremely rainy, snowy or cold days students will be held in the school’s main entryway and dismissed out the front doors as vehicles arrive.

-In the event that the upper drive is covered with ice and deemed to dangerous to use for dismissal, students will be dismissed at the lower drive near the school’s flagpole.

Contact Benson West

Benson West Elementary
6652 Maple Street 
Omaha, NE 68104-3995 
Phone: 554-8633
Fax: 554-8616


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